Hiroshi Uenohara

Pianist, composer, arranger, Born in Japan to a multi-instrumentalist mother who was a player and teacher of the Japanese traditional instruments Koto and Shamisen, Hiroshi grew up being surrounded by music and naturally became interested in the art form – he began playing the piano by age 5.

In 2001, Hiroshi graduated from Osaka Junior College of Music, where he studied jazz, popular and classic piano. After graduating college, he entered Koyo Conservatory to gain deeper knowledge and musical skills. In 2005, Hiroshi won the world scholarship from Berklee College of Music, and moved to Boston, MA in 2007. He pursued a major in performance at Berklee College of Music, and engaged in advanced studies with JoAnne Brackeen, Greg Osby, Darren Barrett, and many others. He acquired and honed his skill of jazz composition and arranging, studying with Ken Pullig, Bob Pilkington, Scott Free, Bill Scism. While in college, Hiroshi collaborated and performed with top notch musicians from around the world at many concerts.In September 2010, Hiroshi received his diploma in jazz performance from Berklee College of Music.

In 2012, Hiroshi obtained the U.S artist O-1 visa and moved to New York. He continues to perform his music in venues around the city and Japan.Hiroshi Blends a wide variety of sounds, Hiroshi’s signature sound is expressive and imaginative. In his compositional approach, he assimilates traditional chords and contemporary sounds to add innovative musical spices to his compositions. In 2014, Hiroshi was selected a WINNER of First Prize of  the Wildflower Music Showcase International Recording Competition for Jazz piano professional. In 2015, First prize in jazz composition divisions of Niigata Jazz Contest in Japan. His works of various idea and imaginative sounds are highly regarded. He got a Berklee achievement based scholarship. In 2016, Hiroshi returned to Berklee College of Music in Jazz composition major. He pursue composition and arranging of jazz orchestra, and his song was selected as one of the Best of Jazz Composition Fall 2016. In 2018, Hiroshi graduated from Berklee College of Music and received bachelor of music degree in Jazz composition and Performance. After return from USA, he started teaching jazz piano at jazz music school.日本語